That inflatable chicken that looks like Trump can be yours

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The massive inflatable chickens range from about $500 to $650.


A giant chicken ballon in Washington, D.C. near the White House has Donald Trump-like hair.

An inflatable chicken mimicking US President Donald Trump is set up on The Ellipse, a 52-acre (21-hectare) park located just south of the White House and north of the Washington Monument (rear).(Photo: MANDEL NGAN, AFP/Getty Images)

Giant inflatable chickens with a striking resemblance to President Trump can be yours, no matter how you feel about the commander in chief. 

Turns out eBay has plenty for sale ranging in price from about $500 to $650. All of them come in white with a golden beak, feet, legs, eyebrows, and of course, Trump’s signature coif of hair. Once inflated, the chicken spreads its wings and points with its right index finger feather.

It was made famous earlier this week when documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar propped one up near the White House in an act of protest. 

The inflatable chicken has been used in other protests against Trump, including Tax Day marches. In December, a similar chicken was constructed outside a mall in China ahead of the start of the Chinese lunar calendar’s Year of the Rooster, according to the New York Times.

You can find smaller ceramic versions of the chicken on Amazon as well.